How does a Qigong class happen?

It is possible to do qigong anywhere, but you will feel especially great when you practice qigong in the fresh air, in the forest, by the sea or in a garden. Comfortable and loose clothing is necessary (women can choose dresses), because the qigong class is mostly held standing, but you can also sit and lie down while doing qigong with the same effect. You don't need a mat or any other aids to practice qigong; in cold weather we wear socks, but in summer, of course, with bare feet.

You need to be in the right mood for the lesson to be of full value. With the help of diaphragmatic breathing, we gain serenity and allow ourselves to get into the moment here and now. Diaphragmatic breathing improves lung ventilation, activates the vagus nerve, which helps regulate the muscles of the throat, lungs, stomach and heart. With the help of deep breathing, we ensure oxygen supply to tissues, removal of carbon dioxide; it is a powerful tool that changes physiological processes in the body.

During the lesson, give yourself permission to try, without denial, without criticism; simply allow yourself to experience the union of BREATH - MOVEMENT - INTENTION.