I feel a calling to share the knowledge of qigong, because qigong has completely changed my life, relieving me of vegetative dysfunction, reducing joint stiffness and back pain. I want to encourage you to get to know qigong as well! I have been practising qigong myself for 8 years and leading group classes for almost as long! The qigong I have taught has improved well-being, reduced fatigue and pain, and brought more awareness and joy to the lives of hundreds of people. Qigong is not only my work, but also my lifestyle! With the introduction of qigong, my life has become brighter, easier, I can see the positive everywhere (even in the little things)! I see life as a winding road or a mountain river that carries me into the unknown. I have learnt to let go and every day has become exciting. Each new turn surprises even more and makes you understand that most of the time, life does not happen as the mind has imagined. 

The main sign of my path is the HEART!